• RDSO Approved Chemical Earthing System

    RDSO Comply Chemical Earthing System

  • Cost Effective Copper Bonded Electrodes

    Cost Effective Copper Bonded Electrodes

  • Excellent Conductivity- Copper Bonded Rods

    Excellent Conductivity- Copper Bonded Rods

  • Exothermic Welding

    Exothermic Welding System

  • Lightning Protection System

    Lightning Protection System

  • Earthing Accessories

    Earthing Accessories

Chemical Earthing

JMV chemical earthing is manufactured by state of art technology and high quality raw materials.

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Lightning Protection

JMV is a very known and reliable name for its customers, when it comes to ESE Lighrning protection solution.

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Surge Protection Devices

JMV firmly believes in keeping a close watch on the market in order to create the most innovative surge protection solution.

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Chemical Earthing System for Electrical Safety

JMV LPS Limited is the largest manufacturer and supplier of high performing maintenance free chemical earthing system in India. Our chemical earthing products are manufactured using top class raw materials. One needs an efficient and good quality earthing for the safety of equipment and the safety of person who uses it.

JMV being a quality driven organization produce and manufacture earthing after enough research and development over the new technology.

  • Copper Bonded Rod
  • Earth Electrode
  • GI Earthing Electrode
  • Copper earthing Electrode
  • Earthing Accessories
Copper Bonded Earth Rod

JMV's copper bonded ground rods are manufactured according to the UL standards that are accepted internationally.

JMV offers cost effective and maintenance free copper bonded earthing rods for efficient grounding system.

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best copper bonded electrodes
Copper Bonded Ground Electrodes

JMV the biggest manufacturer of Copper Bonded Earth Electrodes in india and is continously working towards offering best technology & products.

These copper coated electrodes are molecularly bonded with 99.98% pure Electrolytic Copper (cu) on to a low carbon steel core and available in thickness upto 0.254mm.

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chemical earthing rods
GI Electrode

We are the leading producer of GI earthing electrodes. Apart from dealing in other variants of earthing solutions and lightning protection system, our products are known for its high performance and reliable product quality

These GI earthing electrodes are the most cost effective and highly preferred earthing system.

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 GI Earthing Electrodes
Copper Electrode

Copper is consider as a good conductor of electricity, hence the copper earthing electrode offers better performance and reliability in every soil conditions.

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High Quality Copper Bonded Earth Electrode
Earthing Accessories
JMV Earth PIT Covers JMV JAM PLus Compound JMV JAM Fill Compound

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