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Electrical Grounding Electrodes in Copper

JMV mainly deals in maintenance free grounding electrodes which has been tested from CPRI for high current with stand capacity. JMV LPS limited the biggest manufacturer, supplier and exporter of electrical grounding Electrodes, which have been developed under the supervisions of experts. Our professionals have immense experience in this field. Our products Copper Bonded electrodes, Gel Earthing electrode and copper earth electrodes are well maintained and have immense functional attributes. These products are tested before their dispersal and are outstanding in terms of quality.


1. Quality tested
2. Basic properties
3. Industrial standards.

Maintenance Free Copper Chemical Earthing Electrode

Chemical/electrical Earthing is an essential part of any electrical system which provides us keeping our electrical equipment safe and protected.

Our maintenance free copper earthing electrodes are made of excellent quality copper and raw material thus provides excellent corrosion resistance & eliminates the electrolytic action. Maintenance Free electrical Earthing Electrodes are fine blend of innovation and cutting edge technology.

These products are manufactured by using high quality components to ensure reliability and superior product life. Our grounding electrodes in copper has high current carrying capacity and is an ideal earthing system for sensitive equipment including high mechanical strength & fast current discharge capacity. There are variable choices of electrical earthing electrodes in copper to suits the client's requirement. Some other features of our products are:

Cpper Bonded Ground electrodes in India